We know exactly what you need. We were once in your shoes.

We know exactly what you’re looking for in a partner. Before founding Advantage Consumer Healthcare, we worked for some of the world’s best healthcare companies leading Rx-OTC switches and gaining critical front and back store experience. We saw what was missing in the market and we built Advantage Consumer Healthcare from the ground up to fill those gaps like no other agency out there. Advantage Healthcare is the  only complete solution for OTC healthcare brands.

A partner in every sense of the word, Advantage Consumer Healthcare combines the know-how of major OTC healthcare companies with the capabilities of best in class third party sales and marketing agencies. The result is the most comprehensive, effective and efficient solution for OTC healthcare brands in the business.

So whether you’re preparing for an Rx-OTC switch or you simply have a great OTC healthcare brand that needs the right, specialized attention, we’re the partner you need.