PITTSBURGH — Advantage Consumer Healthcare is a young company, but it has been growing fast, thanks to its know-how, capabilities and commitment to partners and consumers.

“We’re a full-service sales, marketing and supply chain company that offers a new and unique solution for companies that are focused on O-T-C health care,” says Greg Bradley, president and chief executive officer of Advantage Consumer Healthcare (ACH). “Our partners average 25 years of experience and have worked in senior roles with some of the best health care companies in the world. They have also worked with retailers to drive both category and brand sales and profits. For companies that are already in the O-T-C health care market or are looking for the right partner to get them there, we have the proven, full suite of capabilities they need to succeed.”

ACH has leveraged its expertise to successfully represent large brands, as well as smaller ones, and has established an enviable track record, helping spur growth in such O-T-C health care categories as lip care, smoking control and weight control, according to Bradley. “Before launching ACH, we engaged in significant research, and we quickly realized that there was a growing need for O-T-C health care-specific expertise across the spectrum of sales, marketing and supply chain capabilities. We also knew that successfully addressing this opportunity would require creating a new company, with the right leadership team and a tightly focused approach. We are all committed to building on our highly successful engagements, and expanding them in the years to come.”

In its first two years, ACH has already signed 10 clients, adds Bradley. “We have executed three Rx-to-OTC switches in the last 24 months, adding millions in incremental sales and profit to our clients,” he says. “Our retail partners and our consumers have all benefited tremendously from these additions. We are able to deliver top-flight results because we’re committed to being a partner in every sense of the word.”

ACH combines the know-how of major O-T-C health care companies with the capabilities of best-in-class, third-party sales and marketing agencies, offering full-service sales, marketing and supply chain solutions, from strategic planning to tactical execution.

“Our first goal is continued client and retailer satisfaction and meaningful support for the high-quality businesses we represent,” says Clark Brown, ACH senior vice president and chief customer officer. “In addition to our commitment to partner and consumer satisfaction, a key differentiator is our ACH business model that is structured to deliver service on a long-term, day-in-day-out basis to the management teams of our clients, as opposed to the traditional outsourcing model that is geared towards the short term.”

Looking ahead, Brown says the key to the firm’s continued growth is to stay committed to its founding principle of focusing on high-value O-T-C health care.

“It’s what we do best, and we believe that many more companies will be seeking a full-service solution in this space, particularly as new provisions of health care reform regulations are implemented,” he explains. “Similarly, we believe that growing provider companies will continue to look for a talented advisory management team that will help them take an O-T-C health care asset to market. We are not trying to amass a great number of clients, but we are remaining focused on the real difference makers within the O-T-C health care sector.”