Our sales teams have proven top-to-bottom key retailer relationships in the OTC healthcare Space.

As your sales partner we drive equity not inventory. We focus on building trial and repeat, not Trade Spend. Our goal is the same as yours – to maximize access at the lowest possible cost. As our client, you’ll get a direct and dedicated selling team of OTC healthcare brand specialists.

Our sales team will assist you with

  • Building a comprehensive go to market sales strategy at the customer level.
  • Operational planning including vendor set up, account level forecasting and a customized ACV selling model.

Headquarter Representation

  • Scale:
    Reach into all customers in the US, All classes of Trade, All Stores
  • Focus:
    Dedicated cross functional teams at each key customer
  • Credibility:
    Senior level relationships
  • Track Record:
    Experience in creating and driving growth in multiple HC categories
  • Joint-Business Planning:
    Partnership approach between clients and customers

Retail Execution

Reach-Capability to get to any store, any market. Customized models to meet unique client needs.

  1. Dedicated team
  2. Hybrid
  3. Syndicated
  4. Project based
  5. High tech capture and reporting of in store conditions
  6. Focus on fundamentals of selling in store (Distribution, placement, pricing, promotion)